While every job at Reed & Witting Company, large or small, receives the same careful treatment, we are particularly proud of a few of our specialties.

There are a lot of POP and POS types out there, and we have seen most of them. What haven't we seen? Your next great POP/POS idea. Let us add our practical knowledge to your spark of inspiration to produce something great.

Limited Edition Print (High Fidelity Color)
Time and again, Pittsburgh's top artists return to us for the production of their Limited Edition prints. Our superior quality control and dedication to exacting customer standards sets our work apart from the rest.

Lamination and Finishing
Mounting and lamination might seem simple, but with the large amount of choices available finding the right combination for your needs is tough. We have extensive experience with different types of mounting materials -- from corrugated (fluted) stock to 72 point board -- and techniques, as well as a variety of types of lamination. With the right choices, your products can look fantastic. With the wrong ones, they can literally fall apart. You can rely on our experience to help you make the call.

Specialties - Reed & Witting