General Services


General Services -- because we do think about other things than paper and ink.

Reed & Witting Services We cannot print on air. Glossy, matte, coated, uncoated, recycled, acid free, plastic, corrugated: we won't bore you with the extensive list of everything we've ever printed on. Rather, we'd like to let you know that we will work with you to find the very best substrate for the needs of your job.

Digital Pre-press
Every printer has made the digital transition, but not everyone has remained state-of-the-art. Reed & Witting prides itself on being able to produce your piece, regardless of your artists' level of expertise and tool set. Our pre-press team is the best in the city, and have gone so far as to travel to customer sites to help with file preparation and troubleshooting. Have you had other printers tell you they won't take your files? We will always find a way.

Die Cutting
Want your printed piece to have that unique shape or match an existing product shape? Well we have the solution. Using one of our five in-house die cutters, we can make your design a reality. Our Thompson die cutter has the ability to die cut the thickest corrugated material to the thinnest film, depending on your project. We have a vast library of standard dies or we can have a custom die made for your specific project. Do not let the square confine your design.