Large & Grand Format Printing

Reed & Witting is proud to announce our expansion into the Grand & Large Format Printing world with our newest division. Our Grand & Large Format capabilities enable us to print larger images, signs and a myriad of other products on a larger scale than ever before. This is accomplished using the machines below to help you grow your business.

The VUTEk is a hybrid press allowing rigid and roll-to-roll materials to be printed at ever faster speeds, up to 400% more capacity than we had before. Using cutting edge LED lights to cure the ink, we can now run thinner and more fragile substrates without risk of warping or melting. The 8 color + white gambit also allows for better image quality and the smoothing options help keep the image looking its best. A new press is not all that without something big to show. This press puts Reed & Witting in the Grand Format Category with a 10.5 foot printing width. Yes, you read that right 10.5 feet of glorious imaging capability to allow your next project to have the large impact it deserves.

VUTEk Press Specs

  • 8 color (CMYKLcLmLyLk) + white ink
  • True 600 and 1,000 dpi
  • Max Image Width: 126.5" (10.5 feet)
  • Max Substrate Thickness: 2"
  • Multi-roll capability up to 2 60" wide rolls
  • Innovative LED Technology
  • Grayscale 7pL UltraDrop Technology

Agfa Jeti 1224 UV HDC
The Jeti is a true flat bed press allowing for greater quality levels to be achieved through more precise movements and ink head refinements. Using UV inks, it can stand up to the elements and can print direct to substrate. No more having to print and then mount to a substrate adding time and cost to a project. The Jeti has become a main workhorse of our LFP division and has helped our clients increase the quality of printing they need to capture an audience.

Jeti Press Specs

  • 4 color process (CMYK) + white ink
  • Max image size: 4" x 8" (50" x 96")
  • Max substrate thickness: 2"
  • Image quality: 1200 dpi max

Epson GS6000
We couldn't have the complete package for our customers without this press. The Epson GS6000 is a roll to roll press which allows even greater lengths of material to be printed. The max width is 64" of material with the length being whatever size you need. The Epson also brings solvent inks to the party. Why is this important? Solvent inks are able to stand up to the outside elements, especially the sun, with great color staying abilities. Where the GS6000 takes it to the next level is the color gamut. The standard 4 color process is the base and it only goes up from there. Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Orange and Green, allowing for a huge color palette to exploit for your next project.

GS6000 Press Specs

  • 8 color
    • 4 color process (CMYK)
    • Light Cyan
    • Light Magenta
    • Orange
    • Green
  • Max image size: 63.60" x length of substrate roll
  • Max substrate thickness: 1.3mm
  • Image quality: 1440 dpi x 1440 dpi max

Esko Kongsberg i-XL24 with i-cut
Adding the Esko Kongsberg to our Division gives Reed & Witting an Edge! Printing large is great but doesn't do much when you cannot cut shapes needed on a consistent basis. Thus the reason the Kongsberg i-XL-24 was added to our division. We can cut, score and route almost any material we can print on with extreme accuracy, thanks to the addition of the i-cut camera system.

Kongsberg i-XL-24 Specs

  • Max Stock Size: 60" x 120"
  • Max substrate thickness: 1"
  • Cutting Method: Variety of blades for substrates and a router for dense substrates
  • Misc: scoring head for scoring materials

The machines we have are the cutting edge of technology and we can marvel over them all day but the reason they are on our floor is to work for you! These machines love to produce signage, stickers, banners and a limitless amount of products yet thought up by you. We are here to help your custom project become a reality. Below are some product ideas to jumpstart your imagination and creative thinking process. If you think we need to add something to the list, let us know!

  • Aisle Violators
  • Banners
  • Life Size cut outs
  • Prototype products
  • Signage
  • Stickers
  • Tiled Signage
  • Trade Show Signage
  • Yard Signs
  • Backlit signage
  • Ceiling Danglers
  • Posters
  • Product place holders
  • Prototype boxes
  • Floor Graphics
  • Store Signage
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Table Tops
  • Doors
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Displays
  • Fine Art Reproduction