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About Us

Here at Reed & Witting our company is committed to quality, speed and customer service. Our sales team is involved in the day to day movements of a job and our plant staff is vigilant on all pieces moving through their hands. This dedication to quality has allowed us to take up the complex challenges that our customers come up with -- knowing that we will work to make their project a reality. With the expertise and in-house finishing we have, no project is too complex. We have seen many changes take place in the industry from our early days in the 1900's. That is why we are always incorporating new machines and technologies into our plant to keep our company on the forefront of the industry for our clients. We have recently added to our repertoire the accurate color reproduction of being a G7 Master Printer and ISO compliant. We also take our sustainability very seriously which is why we are now FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified to meet the sustainability needs of our clients. Make sure to check out our sustainability page. With the launch of this website we are also launching our new Web-to-print system that will allow our customers to log on, upload art and approve their projects instantly. This can help to streamline smaller projects for our clients.


Reed & Witting was started in 1900 by a printer, an engraver and a book binder. We have witnessed the great city of Pittsburgh grow into the proud city it is now. Our customers have been the corporations and businesses that have built Pittsburgh. To keep up with Pittsburgh and the country, we have always embraced new technologies that have kept us competitive in the market and our print very high quality. That is why we are proud to now let customers know we are a G7 Master Printer which allows us to hold our quality to an even higher global standard. No matter its complexity, we know what it takes to make a project come to life.

Reed & Witting History

A valued partner for over 25 years, Reed & Witting is extremely responsive, dependable, provides high quality that is very competitive with outstanding customer services.

Dan Dunn,
Director Print Services
Giant Eagle, Inc.